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Cleveland Sports Insiders: The Podcast 63: Indians sign Axford

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The Cleveland Indians agreed to a deal with John Axford on Sunday evening, and while the money or length of the deal hasn’t been divulged, most people believe that the deal is a one-year, and perhaps a $5.5-to-6 million dollar deal, because Axford has three remaining years of control left on his contract.

Michael Hattery and Jim Pete dive right into the meat and potatoes of how good, or perhaps, how bad Axford may be, and how ballpark factor, mechanics, coaching and movement will be at play, and whether or not he ultimately going to end up the closer, or eventually move to a set-up role.

There’s also a brief bit on Ubaldo Jimenez and what’s going on there as well.

Click the box below for all the options  you’ll need for the pod!


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