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CSI 75: The end of the Spring Training soap box

It’s a special day in the land of Cleveland Indians’ baseball.

It’s Opening Day eve, and the Cleveland Indians are rolling into San Francisco in preparation for their opening day tilt against the Oakland Athletics, a game in which we’ll get to see our old friend Scott Kazmir in his first official start with the A’s. While we can start looking forward to the interesting match-ups on a day-to-day basis, the CSI crew got together for the first time in weeks to talk about some of the Spring Training news, and began to look forward at the season, as well as at the Indians signing philosophy after they allowed two starters to walk away, then passed on extending Justin Masterson.

Two hours after we recorded the pod, the Indians then signed Yan Gomes to a long-term deal out of the blue. While we didn’t discuss that specific deal, we did talk about the Indians plan going forward.

Here’s the rundown:

2:40–The concern of the starting rotation

3:15–Carlos Carrasco has concerns, regardless of your belief in his upside

6:00–While there’s a body of work, there are questions about each spot in the rotation, especially Carrasco and McAllister (his label forever–upside)

7:10–Mike seems to have a moderate fanboy crush on…

7:40–Francona made some definitive statements about Carrasco

8:30–Carrasco has no foundation to support folks that talk massive upside

9:20–The #5 starter will be fluid

9:50–Carlos Santana moves to third base, and Steve’s face is frozen

12:50–Mike talks Santana concerns, especially considering the weak defense

14:45–Lonnie Chisenhall is now just a back-up

18:00–Carlos Santana has so much offensive plus

22:30–Steve begins his 2014 predictions: Can he match 2013?

26:15–A lot of talk about Francisco Lindor

32:45–Francona has earned the type of trust to move Lindor in the lineup without an injury

36:50–Lindor could play his way onto this team

38:12–David Murphy—get excited

40:00–Steve hates on Murphy and makes everyone sad

41:45–David Murphy or Eddie Murphy?

At this point…Orbanek goes off…Marco Polo…Rob Lowe and Eddie Murphy…

45:15–Mike loves right field, even though it’s not as sexy as Rob Lowe

48:15–The Indians model of signing free agents, and the issues.

52:00–Masterson would have been an investment

55:00–Jake Westbrook Rule

55:30–The Indians need to lock up young pitchers to long-term deals, and players in general…like John Hart

59:00–Salazar needs signed long-term

1:02–Mike the narcissist, and Jim gets him to say pooh-pooh

1:08:40–Mike talks Trevor Bauer and his new, moderate man-crush, and an old fanboy discussion on middle infielders

1:10–Michael Bourn watch

1:10:55–The plugs



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CSI 73: Post-Combine Draft talk

Mike and Jeff roll out talk about the recently completed NFL combine, and take a look at the rising and falling stock on several players on the draft board. Jeff and Mike discuss the following:

  • Winners of the NFL Combine
  • Has the combine shaken up the top ten, if at all
  • How did certain players performances affect the Brown position?
  • What would be an ideal outcome for the Browns first three picks
  • Other notes and delusions which may or may not be worth a listen
  • A little MLB draft talk before technology fights us to a close

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CSI 72: The Browns and the NFL Draft

For once, regular CSI host Jim Pete gets a night off. Mike Hattery and Jeff Ellis grab the reigns of CSI: the Podcast for the first time, and talk NFL draft, and how and what the Browns might do with their top draft picks, as well as some sleepers as draft weekend progresses. Join Mike and Jeff with what promises to be a regular weekly draft podcast in the coming months.

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CSI 71: Browns upheavel, Masterson guidelines and Cavs at the deadline

Mike and Jim watched their “only Browns” podcast get hijacked by the news that the Reds’ starting pitcher Hunter Bailey is on the verge of signing a reported six-year, $100 million contract. Listen as they try and make sense of the Browns’ moves in the front office, as well as looking forward to their potential moves in the upcoming draft. They also discuss Masterson’s potential windfall should Bailey sign his long-term deal with the other Ohio team, then end with what the Cavs may do at the deadline with Luol Deng and Kyrie Irving.

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CSI 70: Chris Grant, Mike Brown, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Bennett

CSI will be back and better than ever this week with new content, new pods and new discussions heading to the Cavaliers All-Star break, the Browns 2014 draft, and the Indians spring training. Also look for our podcasts to take off with daily content from Steve, Mike and I, as well as our newcomer, Jeff Ellis, who will begin posting original draft content here starting with a piece for tomorrow!

Today’s podcast is focusing on Chris Grant and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and what they can do to turn things around during the 2013-2014 season, and what they should do with Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Luol Deng, Anderson Varejao and Anthony Bennett heading into the offseason and beyond. This team is as hard to figure out as any Cavaliers’ team in the past 20 seasons, and with David Griffin taking over, can they turn things around, and do they even want to?

Here’s the show: Continue reading

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CSI: The Podcast 69: A top ten guide to the Cleveland Indians prospects’s Jeff Ellis joins IBI and CSI columnists’ Jim Pete and Michael Hattery to talk about the Cleveland Indians’ top ten prospects.

It’s always difficult discussing prospects because of the volatility of young players from season-to-season, but Jeff, Jim and Mike give their “very early” top ten list, prefacing it with the understanding that things could change from day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month, especially considering that we’ve yet to make it to spring training.

We all know that Francisco Lindor and Clint Frazier are at the top of the list, but where will Jose Ramirez, Joe Wendle, Jesus Aguilar, Tyler Naquin, Bryson Myles, Trevor Bauer, Francisco Mejia, Ronny Rodriguez and many, many more show up? Is your favorite prospect on the list, or have they fallen out of favor?

Tune in after the jump, with our initial top-ten prospect pod-guide, in all it’s glory: Continue reading

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CSI 65: The Rotation

Michael Hattery and Jim Pete discuss the Cleveland Indians’ current rotation of Justin Masterson, Danny Salazar, Corey Kluber and Zach McAllister, and take a close look at the current crop battling for the #5 spot in Carlos Carrasco, Trevor Bauer, Josh Tomlin and Shaun Marcum.

Here’s the PODCAST:

Continue reading

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Cleveland Sports Insiders: The Podcast 63: Indians sign Axford

The Cleveland Indians agreed to a deal with John Axford on Sunday evening, and while the money or length of the deal hasn’t been divulged, most people believe that the deal is a one-year, and perhaps a $5.5-to-6 million dollar deal, because Axford has three remaining years of control left on his contract.

Michael Hattery and Jim Pete dive right into the meat and potatoes of how good, or perhaps, how bad Axford may be, and how ballpark factor, mechanics, coaching and movement will be at play, and whether or not he ultimately going to end up the closer, or eventually move to a set-up role.

There’s also a brief bit on Ubaldo Jimenez and what’s going on there as well.

Click the box below for all the options ¬†you’ll need for the pod!