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Cleveland Sports Insiders: The Video Podcast 49: The front office and the rotation

Michael Hattery and I rolled out another 30 minute podcast on Saturday Morning, focusing specifically on your Cleveland Indians.

Here’s what on tap:

3:40–A discussion on how Chris Antonetti and the front office generally misdirect the media with regards to the direction the Indians will be going, and for good reason.

6:30–The front office is on the same page, and may be modeling or mirroring the Tampa Bay Rays in some ways.

9:15–Why the Indians might shy away from free agent signings at the beginning of the hot stove seasons, and favor trades.

10:55–Will Ubaldo Jimenez take the $14.1 Million.

12:00–Ubaldo Jimenez to the Yankees, and the possible train wreck that could result.

13:50–It doesn’t look like the Indians will be signing Scott Kazmir any time soon.

16:55–Why Scott Kazmir should be signable.

21:15–Michael Hattery makes the case against Tim Hudson, and for Dan Haren, based on his earlier piece for CSI. Find out why.

24:00–What the rotation looks like without Ubaldo and Kazmir, and how the replacements on hand aren’t good enough.

25:40–Bartolo Colon anyone?

31:30–Promotion Time

Here’s the video-podcast, because Youtube screwed up and wouldn’t let us turn this into a flat out podcast…so you get to enjoy our slightly blurry mugs for 30 minutes…

Enjoy…or run away…very…very…quickly…


The Tribe Should Stay Away from Tim Hudson

Tim Hudson (photo: AP)

Tim Hudson (photo: AP)

I must confess that I was more than surprised when I heard that the Indians had more than a passing interest in free agent right-hander Tim Hudson. According to Braves beat writer Mark Bowman both the Indians and Kansas City Royals have expressed interest in bringing Tim Hudson into the fold.

There is some linkage between Terry Francona and Tim Hudson, as Francona served as the bench coach for the 2003 Oakland Athletics, as IBI beat writer Jim Berdysz has noted. Granted, I think it would be challenging to find a player in MLB who hasn’t crossed paths with the ebullient Indians manager, and come away not wanting to a part of one of his teams.

Digressing, I must confess that I have some sort of hot stove fanaticism. I find myself incredibly interested by the options the Tribe has and thus will attempt to respond as frequently as possible to any players that the Indians are substantially tied to.

Returning to Hudson question, I believe that the Indians should not pursue this route for a few different but equally important reasons.

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