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All-Aught Indians: Closer: Bob Wickman (2000-2006)

Bob Wickman

Bob Wickman

Whenever I think of former closer Bob Wickman, three things immediately pop into my head:

1. He severed his index finger down to his first knuckle when he was two in a farming accident.
2. He has the most saves in Cleveland Indians history.
3. I had to purchase a defibrillator to help jump start my heart after nearly every one of his outings.

During the best of days, Bob Wickman stabilized the Tribe bullpen, providing the Indians with a surefire, ninth-inning save. During the worst of days, Wickman was an injury-prone emergency room filler, living on the edge during every appearance. Through it all, Bob Wickman was the only closer that provided longevity and consistency throughout his run during the first decade.

The All-Aught Indians closer, since we have to have one, is the hefty righty, Bob Wickman.
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