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All-Aught Indians: RP3: Paul Shuey (2000-2002)

Paul Shuey

Paul Shuey

Paul Shuey was a flame-throwing, right-handed reliever, who never seemed to pitch as good as you thought he could. I suppose that wasn’t really the lead-in you would expect for the third player in the pen.

This Lima, OH native had three plus pitches, starting with a blazing fastball with movement, a splitter, and a superb, late-breaking curveball. When the Indians drafted Shuey in 1992 out of the University of North Carolina, they believed they had their closer of the future. Unfortunately, a variety of injuries and a propensity to walk batters under pressure situations kept him from becoming that closer. It didn’t, however, keep Shuey from becoming a productive set-up man.

The All-Aught Indians relief pitcher #3 is Paul Shuey.

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