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The Sunday Drive with the Oregon spread offense in Cleveland?

Oregon offensive coordinator Philip Montgomery

Oregon Offensive Coordinator Philip Montgomery

I’ve been feeling a bit closer to the North Coast over the past few weeks, as the temperatures here in North Carolina have more resembled the frozen tundra of the borderlands of Lake Erie. While the temperature here has dipped below freezing far too many times for my liking, we have avoided the ample snow-footage that the Lake provides. I don’t miss the thrice-daily slogs out to my snow blower to clear the driveway of both wind-blow and street-plow piled snow. Still, the recent cold blast has me dreaming wistfully of the Indians’ Spring Training, the Browns’ draft and summer camp, and the Cavs foray back into the lottery.

Thankfully, all three Cleveland teams were active in one way or another over the past week, albeit in very different ways, which kept me from crawling into sports hibernation.

While my attention has needed some warming up no thanks to the weather, it’s been mostly focused on the warm seasons of 2014 for Cleveland sports. The Indians, however, continue to do everything they can to keep some of that attention pointing right back to the 1990’s thanks to their 2014 version of Tribe Fest. The Tribe has their normal conglomerate of current players headlining the event, but the focus Continue reading

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All-Aught Indians: Center Field: Grady Sizemore (2004-2009)

There really hasn’t been a more stable every-day position for the Tribe than center field. The four major players during the Aught decade was Kenny Lofton, Milton Bradley, Coco Crisp and Grady Sizemore.

Bradley, although spectacular at times, was injury-prone, and an enigma. Crisp was an able athlete, but played most of his time at other positions. Lofton had a spectactular career with the Indians, but his days with the Tribe are now long behind him.

Taking all of that into account, the All-Aught Indians Center Fielder is Grady Sizemore.
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