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Is there a closer at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario?

Cody Allen (photo: AP)

Cody Allen (photo: AP)

I normally don’t find myself roaming the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario on Sunday morning, and truth be told, didn’t expect it as my morning began. What started as a short and succinct IBI power poll recapping last week’s question regarding the Indians’ closer, turned into a massive look at some other major league teams and their closer tendencies with regards to cost-effectiveness and success.

Now, I’m no sabre-metrics guy, and I never will be, so I tried to stay away from that in this piece, instead focusing on cost-effective strategies that certain clubs used over the years, including the Indians.

This was an off-the-cuff undertaking, and as you’ll see as you meander your way through my piece, I only scratched the surface of what this could have turned into.

Let’s face it, after a 12-hour college football endurance test yesterday, I didn’t expect to be sitting in front of my laptop this long today…but as Alabama found out, things don’t always end as you expect them.

Let’s take a look at the Indians quest for a closer…

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