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500 words or less…on the Cavs losing by 44

44, my favorite number

44, my favorite number

In an effort to provide new content every day, CSI has created a new daily column called 500 words or less. The point of this avant-garde work of art is to give our daily readers a quick thought or two on something topical in Cleveland sports, or really, anything that happens to pop into any of our writer’s minds at the time. The hope is that it’s daily. The hope is that it’s in the morning. The hope is that it’s worth five minutes of your time every day. How will it evolve? Who knows, but it sure is a start. Oh, and the italics doesn’t count in today’s post.

I can’t tell a lie, 44 is my favorite number. We all have strange reasons for our favorite numbers, but mine is straight forward. When I was nine, I read Hank Aaron‘s autobiography, Aaron. “The Hammer’s” wore 44, and that number has stayed with ever since. As a youngster, I wore 44 or 8 (or 4 in a pinch) in every sport I played, and it always finds its way onto my lottery tickets.

On Sunday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers got blasted by, you guessed it, 44 points.

The loss is a little bit historic, as 44 should be. Continue reading