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All-Aught Indians: RP2: David Riske (1999, 2001-2005)

David Riske

David Riske

David Riske didn’t have the flair for the dramatic, and when you think of relievers, Riske’s name likely won’t jump out at you.  Still, for most of his five-plus years with the big league Indians, he was one of the most consistent relievers in the pen.

Riske’s primary role over the years was as the eighth inning, right-handed set-up man, but he showed up in the box score wherever the Tribe needed him.  He even spent a small chunk of time as their primary closer, in what was perhaps his best year, in 2003.

Riske gave the Indians obvious bang for their buck, but he also just happened to be their most consistent closer over a five-year stretch, including two near-dominant seasons.

The All-Aught Indians relief pitcher #2 is David Riske.
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