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All-Aught Indians: #1 Starter: CC Sabathia (2001-2008)


CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia had a lot on his shoulders when he was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Indians in 1998.  The Tribe had been looking for an ace to go along with their vaunted 1990’s offense, and signing free agents just wasn’t working.  While Sabathia, a high school phenom, didn’t join the Indians in 1998, the big lefty was certainly fast-tracked to the majors. By 2001, he was a full-time starter with the Indians, and by 2007, he was the Cy Young award winner they had envisioned when they drafted him.  No, Sabathia wasn’t the answer to the great Indians run in the 90′s and early 2000′s, but he certainly was everything the Indians thought he would be, and more.

The All-Aught Indians Ace is CC Sabathia.

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