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12 Days of Christmas at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario

Progressive FieldIt’s Christmas time here at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario, and what that means for the Pete household is a respite before loading up the Pete Family Truckster for a criss-crossing, 2000 mile trek up and down the East Coast, taking my family to both Florida and Pennsylvania over the next two weeks.

Trust me when I say that I’ll enjoy the respite of Christmas day with just my family, opening presents, watching 24 hours of a Christmas Story, and hopefully falling asleep at some point around 5:00 P.M.

Hopefully you’ll be doing the same.

With all of that said, it’s Wednesday, and the column must go on. I’ve decided to take a much more relaxed tone this week, and have delved into the land of theme.

With Christmas Day finally here, I’ve decided to go the route of the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas for the 2014 Cleveland Indians.’ Oh, I could have rehashed the 2013 season (it certainly would have been easier), but thought it would be fun to take a look into Christmas’ future, rather than Christmas past.

Jeez, I just hope I, or the Indians, don’t bump into the Grim Reaper along the way.

Let’s give this a whirl…

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Is there a closer at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario?

Cody Allen (photo: AP)

Cody Allen (photo: AP)

I normally don’t find myself roaming the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario on Sunday morning, and truth be told, didn’t expect it as my morning began. What started as a short and succinct IBI power poll recapping last week’s question regarding the Indians’ closer, turned into a massive look at some other major league teams and their closer tendencies with regards to cost-effectiveness and success.

Now, I’m no sabre-metrics guy, and I never will be, so I tried to stay away from that in this piece, instead focusing on cost-effective strategies that certain clubs used over the years, including the Indians.

This was an off-the-cuff undertaking, and as you’ll see as you meander your way through my piece, I only scratched the surface of what this could have turned into.

Let’s face it, after a 12-hour college football endurance test yesterday, I didn’t expect to be sitting in front of my laptop this long today…but as Alabama found out, things don’t always end as you expect them.

Let’s take a look at the Indians quest for a closer…

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The Spin Cycle: Who is the Indians next closer?

 (photo: AP)

Cody Allen (photo: AP)

In our last Spin Cycle, we took a look at which current rookie or minor leaguer that would have the biggest impact with the Indians in 2014. In essence, what we were looking for was which player might have the Yan Gomes effect next season. Rare is the day that a player enters a season as a rookie, or if not a rookie, having never been a major league regular and ends the season having been a major factor with the big league club.

Yan Gomes was that player last year.

We took a look at several different prospects, and while there wasn’t a majority, there was one player that far exceeded the rest.

That one player was Jose Ramirez, with 59 votes of the total 303 votes for 19 ½ percent of the vote.

It should have been higher.

The only other player with a double-digit percentage was reliever Kyle Crockett, with 31 votes and 10% of the vote.

Trevor Bauer, C.C. Lee, Bryan Price and Carlos Carrasco all came in with 30, 29, 29 and 27 votes.

This week, we are going to take a look at who the Indians are going to ultimately use as their closer in 2014.
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