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CSI 70: Chris Grant, Mike Brown, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Bennett

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CSI will be back and better than ever this week with new content, new pods and new discussions heading to the Cavaliers All-Star break, the Browns 2014 draft, and the Indians spring training. Also look for our podcasts to take off with daily content from Steve, Mike and I, as well as our newcomer, Jeff Ellis, who will begin posting original draft content here starting with a piece for tomorrow!

Today’s podcast is focusing on Chris Grant and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and what they can do to turn things around during the 2013-2014 season, and what they should do with Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Luol Deng, Anderson Varejao and Anthony Bennett heading into the offseason and beyond. This team is as hard to figure out as any Cavaliers’ team in the past 20 seasons, and with David Griffin taking over, can they turn things around, and do they even want to?

Here’s the show:2:35-Chris Grant is fired

3:10-Steve talks whether or not the Chris Grant-firing was the right move, and ponders Mike Brown

5:55-Jim talks the enigma of Chris Grant

7:00-Mike ponders whether or not the Cavs had to make a move, and whether or not the team fit together

8:33-Jim debates the team chemistry question, and when do the players become accountable for not finding a way to function together

10:20-Mike looks at Dion and Kyrie, and how ill-suited they are to playing together at this point because of regression and spacing.

11:30-Steve points out that Deng was able to fit in with Derrick Rose, but can’t fit in with Kyrie Irving, and comps Irving’s ability to play together with Ramon Sessions to Dion Waiters.

13:50-Are these Cavaliers built to fail because they are the team AFTER LeBron? Mike sheds some doubt on that, and points to Kyrie. Is Kyrie a top 10 guy?

15:30-Steve questions Kyrie’s ability to be a franchise player, and Jim wonders about the team’s player value.

17:10-Jim wonders if it’s hard to gauge Kyrie Irving as a franchise player on a team that’s so dysfunctional

17:55-Mike is leaning towards Irving ultimately being a 2nd or 3rd player on a championship team

19:45-What will the Cavs be doing in the next few weeks?

20:05-Steve ponders why the Cavs would deal Grant two weeks before the deadline, when he was able to acquire assets, which was his calling card, and looks at the players that could be dealt, and makes a plea to keep Dion

22:30-Jim looks at moving Deng, and wonders if the Cavs can acquire assets in a deep draft

24:15-Mike wonders what would the Cavs get for Luol Deng compared to what they gave up, and looks at that assets

25:45-Steve poses to Mike what would it take to keep Luol Deng, and Mike ponders if he’d stay, and Jim wonders why would you want him to stay?

28:00-Jim ponders whether or not Kyrie going to get dealt either at the deadline, or perhaps at the draft, and Steve points to how Dan Gilbert may look at such a move

30:00-Mike thinks it’s a positive to deal Kyrie

31:00-Steve talks point guards, and perhaps they aren’t so special

32:45-What is Kyrie Irving’s true player value as a point guard

33:35-Anthony Bennett, and the 1st edition of “Orbanek’s ramblings”


Author: Jim Pete

Jim KNOWS that Albert Belle deserved the MVP, and that the false prophet, Mo Vaughn did not. He thinks that Mike and Greg Pruitt are truly related, because, c'mon, what are the chances? He cries at least once a day, watching videos of LeBron's block, followed by Kyrie's shot. He loves miracles at Richfield, Ron Harper, parking at Gate D, Alex Cole park dimensions, and the glorious Kenny Lofton, who is the REAL Alex Cole. When he isn't writing or talking Cleveland sports for EHC, he moonlights as a husband, father, coach, teacher, Twitter screamer, golfer, runner, and lover of spaghetti carbonara. He also commutes from Raleigh to the North Coast, because it builds character

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