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CSI: The Podcast 69: A top ten guide to the Cleveland Indians prospects

Leave a comment’s Jeff Ellis joins IBI and CSI columnists’ Jim Pete and Michael Hattery to talk about the Cleveland Indians’ top ten prospects.

It’s always difficult discussing prospects because of the volatility of young players from season-to-season, but Jeff, Jim and Mike give their “very early” top ten list, prefacing it with the understanding that things could change from day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month, especially considering that we’ve yet to make it to spring training.

We all know that Francisco Lindor and Clint Frazier are at the top of the list, but where will Jose Ramirez, Joe Wendle, Jesus Aguilar, Tyler Naquin, Bryson Myles, Trevor Bauer, Francisco Mejia, Ronny Rodriguez and many, many more show up? Is your favorite prospect on the list, or have they fallen out of favor?

Tune in after the jump, with our initial top-ten prospect pod-guide, in all it’s glory:

4:14–Players of interest outside the top 15

9:10–The #10 pick, with a sneaky pick, a reach pick and an unheralded pick

21:25–The #9 pick, with a high upside catcher and a sleeper (?) starting pitcher

26:55–Jeff Ellis weaves the tale of that sleeper pitcher, and really makes him not a sleeper anymore

29:30–The #8 pick, That sleeper starting pitcher at #9 all-the-sudden doesn’t seem like a sleeper anymore, and the old man of the top-ten

34:15–Steve Orbanek joins the fray with his #10-#8 picks, throwing in a former #1, a Manny comp at 40:30 and that high upside catcher.

42:52–Hiram joins the party talking MILB package (good stuff), Wendle/Kipnis comps, Cody Anderson, Caleb Hamrick, Kirby Puckett Jr., Anthony Santander, and where the Indians’ minor league system will rank in the overall picture

47:30–Jim shares his man-crush on Bryson Myles

48:40–How good is the overall system?

52:48–The #7 pick, with a guy that’s overrated or underrated, a guy that used to be top ten in all of baseball

1:00.25–Ellis shares his Aguilar-bias

1:02.11–The #6 pick, with that “sleeper” pitcher again, that former top ten in all of baseball guy again and that overrated and underrated guy again

1:07.25–The #5 pick, with that unheralded pick, the Manny comp and that former top ten in all of baseball

1:08.17–The #4 pick, with the top pitching prospect and a speedy middle infielder

1:09.14–The #3 pick, merges with the #4 pick, since we all had the same variances…which equates to the JRam appreciation hour.

1:20.30–The #2 and the #1…are Frazier and Lindor…but in which order?

1:33.00–The plugs

I apologize about the sound quality. We utilized Blogtalkradio, which isn’t as clear as google plus. We’ll be back to google plus with Wednesday night’s pod.

I also want to preface that this isn’t Tony Lastoria’s rankings. His more comprehensive list will start up in the coming weeks!

Have a good night…everybody!


Author: Jim Pete

Jim KNOWS that Albert Belle deserved the MVP, and that the false prophet, Mo Vaughn did not. He thinks that Mike and Greg Pruitt are truly related, because, c'mon, what are the chances? He cries at least once a day, watching videos of LeBron's block, followed by Kyrie's shot. He loves miracles at Richfield, Ron Harper, parking at Gate D, Alex Cole park dimensions, and the glorious Kenny Lofton, who is the REAL Alex Cole. When he isn't writing or talking Cleveland sports for EHC, he moonlights as a husband, father, coach, teacher, Twitter screamer, golfer, runner, and lover of spaghetti carbonara. He also commutes from Raleigh to the North Coast, because it builds character

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