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500 words or less…on the Browns and their upside

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Could Bridgewater or Manziel be wearing a Browns jersey in 2014?

Could Bridgewater or Manziel be wearing a Browns jersey in 2014?

The Cleveland Browns have some upside.

According to, the Browns will have the most money under the cap than any other football team in the NFL. As of now, Jimmy Haslam, Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi will have nearly $25 million to spend this offseason on free agency. There’s also a significant chance that the $25 million could go with the release of several players, including Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell.

The Browns also have ten draft picks in the 2014 NFL draft, including two firsts, a second, two thirds, two fourths, and one each in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds.

In other words, the Browns have a lot of money to spend, combined with seven picks in the first four rounds. A smart front office can do a lot of damage with that kind of room, and that kind of money.

The Browns also have Josh Gordon. While talk of Gordon being the best receiver in the NFL is slightly premature, a case could be made that he is, and that’s saying something.There are a lot of other players to get excited about as well. Jordan Cameron is developing into one of the best tight ends in all of football. Joe Haden is a shutdown corner that nobody outside the league really ever gives credit to, but he just might be the best corner in football. Joe Thomas has been everything he’s advertised as at the left tackle position, and while he had 11 penalties in 2013, he is in his seventh straight Pro Bowl this year, and hasn’t missed a snap in his career.

Alex Mack and T.J. Ward are both free agents, but both fantastic players if they should return.

The Browns have the money to bring them back.

We know that the Browns need a running back. While the Trent Richardson trade was a good one, the Browns were unable to fill the role the rest of the season with anyone that was effective. The Browns will also need to get a tandem wide receiver for Josh Gordon, since it’s a done deal that Greg Little will be cut, and most likely Davone Bess as well. You could make a legit case that Little and Bess are two of the worst receivers in football, if not the worst. It’s also likely that the Browns will have to add an offensive lineman or two, and a couple of linebackers as well.

All of that is inconsequential though.

Oh yeah, the Browns also need a franchise quarterback. There are three or four quarterbacks worth mentioning here: Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Derek Carr. The Browns will almost certainly take on of the four, and who that is varies with whomever you talk to.

What is a sure thing though is that when you subtract that craziness surrounding the team today, there is plenty to hope for in the future.

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Author: Jim Pete

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