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Report: Browns to Interview Steel Girder for HC

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BEREA, OH – As the Cleveland Browns’ Head Coaching search begins its third week, the Browns have purportedly targeted a steel girder located in a Garfield Heights home to be the next interview candidate for the position.

Steel Girder (Source: Wikimedia)

The position, vacated after the surprise firing of former Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski, has been connected to a number of candidates across the league, including the Seattle Seahawks’ Defensive Coordinator, Dan Quinn, as well as Adam Gase, Offensive Coordinator for the Denver Broncos.

However, sources within the organization expressed a belief that the local H-Beam is in fact the frontrunner for the position. While criticisms levied at the steel support beam have ranged from being cold toward players (during the winter) to, according to one source, being “inanimate” and “entirely incapable of the sentient activity required of an NFL head coach,” the Browns nevertheless believe that the H-Beam could nevertheless be a solid foundation for a perennial contender.

Supporters of the Youngstown-manufactured product have lauded its defensive schemes, praising the steel girder’s ‘bend, don’t break’ philosophy to defense.

The girder’s hire would be significant, since it would be the second major Browns organizational figure, alongside owner Jimmy Haslam, that has close ties with the club’s long-time rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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