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Ohio State vs. Michigan ramblings at halftime

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Marcus Hall flips the Bird

There really is nothing like Ohio State-Michigan. There are few sporting events that register to me any more prior to the match-up, but this is the one exception. My heart was screaming for a 40-point blowout, but my brain always tells me that the game is going to be a close one.

Here are some thoughts about Ohio State at the half:

  • Let’s call the past few weeks a suspension of disbelief. Ohio State’s defense has played pretty well against some decent offenses. Here’s what I can say about that at this point. Michigan’s offense has been crap this year, but they have talent. You combine that with a defense in Ohio State that isn’t elite, and enter it all into a rivalry like this, then play that game in Ann Arbor…you get what you get. The key with Ohio State at this point will be what they do at halftime to counteract the Michigan game plan, combined what Brady Hoke has in store for the second half.
  • I love Coach Fickell, but you have to wonder if it’s time for him to test his wares at Florida Atlantic. I do think he’s a great coach, and he’s an unquestioned recruiting juggernaut, but this defense, with all the talent that they have, just doesn’t step up in big moments.
  • Carlos Hyde is a top two or three back in the country. While I’m typing this, he’s lying on the ground after hopefully only having the wind knocked out of him, but he has 115 yards on 15 carries in the first half, and my bet is that by the end of this game, he’ll have 30-plus carries, a couple more touchdowns, and close to 300 yards.
  • Special players play at their own speed. Watch Braxton Miller play football. Sure, he can blow past everyone on the field, but that’s not what I’m talking about. He never looks flustered. He never looks rushed. He is always under control. That’s why Ohio State will win this game.
  • Don’t forget, Ohio State’s offense are the best players on this field, and that will showcase itself in the second half. If only they could play defense.
  • Dontre Wilson threw a punch. Here’s the thing. Did you notice that he was surrounded by Michigan players? The refs absolutely blew that by not protecting the freshman from bush league antics by the Wolverine players. I get why he threw the punch. I also get why he was ejected. That was garbage though on the refs. They allowed that to get out of hand.
  • Marcus Bush? No clue what he was thinking. He was surely trying to protect his player, and it got outta hand. Yeah, it shouldn’t have happened, but if I could have climbed through my TV screen and gotten involved in that garbage, I would have. I just hope that I would have thought it through like Hall and flipped the entire state of Michigan off. As I tweeted, hall will never…ever…pay for a beer in Columbus again. Of course, yahoo and ESPN probably just read that, and are preparing a “Free Beer” story about Ohio State.
  • I don’t like Michigan. I don’t like Brady Hoke. I don’t like a quarterback wearing #98, even if it’s in honor of a fellow player. I don’t like the Pig House. I don’t like Ann Arbor. I don’t like Maize. I don’t like Blue. I don’t like any of it. You know what I miss though? I miss the soup drinker and his shoestrings. How’s he doing this year? What was his name again?
  • Ohio State is getting roasted by screen passes and quick passes to the receivers. If they get after Gardner, and they make tackles, they’ll win by multiple scores. It will be interest
  • This is the first time I’ve seen Urban Meyer stressed since Florida. Deep breaths coach…deep breaths. Still going to Blow Out Michigan in the Big House.
  • Think about it: Ohio State couldn’t play any worse defensively, and Michigan couldn’t play any better…and the game is tied. Ohio State is going to win by 21.
  • Ohio State has been living by the big play in the first half, but watch them control the ball in the second half. They already have a five-minute advantage, and it will be 10-plus by the end of the game. Michigan’s defense will be gassed by the fourth quarter, and it’s going to be fun to watch.

See you after the half.

Here’s the fight, enjoy watching the refs allow seven Wolverines surround Wilson, courtesy of, the best in the business (from their Youtube channel):

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