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Cleveland Sports Insiders: The Podcast 45: Bauer, Anderson

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1The Cleveland Sports Insiders take a look today at what would happen to the Indians’ rotation internally should they pass on signing both Ubaldo Jimenez and Scott Kazmir. In that scenario, understanding that the Indians would also likely sign or trade for another starter, which internal options would step up to perhaps fill a roll in the rotation?

What exactly IS the Indians philosophy in the draft with regards to selecting starting pitchers? They are taking a lot of flack right now (and ridiculously so) for not selecting Michael Wacha, so is there an organizational deficiency that needs to be addressed?

What if the Indians can’t sign Kazmir OR Ubaldo this offseason, with regards to internal options @ 2:30

  • Michael talks about in house options for starting pitchers @ 4:45
  • Jim makes a case for Josh Tomlin in the rotation (!?!?) @ 5:30
  • Is this a make or break offseason for Trevor Bauer @ 6:40
  • A quick look at Cody Anderson and how he compares to Corey Kluber or Michael Wacha?!? @ 13:50
  • The Indians philosophy on drafting starting pitchers @ 19:20
  • What might the Indians do in right field @ 29:20
  • Michael ponders what happens if they sign BOTH starters, with the expendable starters (if there’s such a word (McAllister or Masterson) @ 34:45
  • The Indians KNOW where they stand with Jimenez and Kazmir RIGHT NOW @ 36:20
  • Incoherence on Jose Ramirez and other ramblings @ 42:15
  • CSI officially becomes the President of the Joe Wendle fan club @ 43:05
  • Jose Ramirez is ranked the 12th best prospect in the Indians system according to and how ridiculous rankings can be @ 43:35

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